Category: Classic

Piña Colada

Summertime, Pinapple, Creamy. How Does this drink not put you in a stellar mood

Frozen Margarita

It’s a Hot Summer, Cool Down with This Classic. Sweet, Sour and Salty

Bloody Caesar

You know what this is. It’ll Get you Drunk, but also cure a hangover. Best of Both Worlds


A Negroni for Bourbon Lovers

Harvey Wallbanger

A Screwdriver with a Twist of Vanilla

Long Island Ice Tea

Wanna Get Drunk Quick? Look No Further Than This Smooth Booze Filled Cocktail

Moscow Mule

Wonderfully Simple Cocktail with a Great Blend of Sweet and a Spicy Snap of Ginger


Exellent Classic Resfreshing Cocktail for Summer. Mint, Lime and delicious mixture awaits


Great Gin Drink, Burst of Bitter, Sweet and Floral Notes. “The Bartenders Drink”

Old Fashioned

Classic Whiskey Drink with a hint of Orange Flavor